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How it Works

Install our widget on your practice's website, and patients will immediately know when and how they can get care.
  • Online scheduling draws in more patients
  • Installation requires just a few lines of HTML
  • The widget's appearance can be customized to match your site's look and feel

Appointments or Queue — Your choice

You can choose to use traditional appointments or a virtual queue where patients claim a spot in line before coming in.

Free Patients from your Waiting Room

Patients waiting in the queue get their status streamed to them, so they know when to come in.
Instead of spending 2 hours in a waiting room, imagine:
  • 90 minutes relaxing at home
  • 15 minutes getting to the office
  • just 15 minutes in the waiting room


Even if you're not ready for telemedicine today, you know it's coming. Having a single platform for both online scheduling and telemedicine will save money and reduce complexity for patients and staff.
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"The last thing you want to do is feel crummy in a waiting room with other people. NextPatient allows you to feel crummy at home."
— Caesar Djavaherian, Direct Urgent Care