EHR Partners

(And more on the way)

How it Works

We show your open slots on your website

  • New patients are drawn in by open appointments
  • Last-minute openings get seen and filled
  • Unnecessary phone calls are avoided

It takes just a few lines of HTML to add your schedule to your site. We'll show you how.

Desktop?  Tablet?  Smartphone?

Patients can use any of them. No app download is needed.

EHR Integration

Real-time communication with your EHR means we show your true schedule.

  • An open slot is visible within moments to patients
  • An appointment made online is immediately visible in your EHR

Contact us to confirm we can access your EHR.

Already have a patient portal?

  • It's common for less than 5% of appointments to be booked through patient portals
  • We see greater than 50% of appointments booked online at some practices.

Patients get inserted directly into your EHR, and can easily be given patient portal access.

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