Appointment Scheduling

Show your open appointments on the front page of your website, and let patients book from any device.
  • Attract new patients
  • Fill your last-minute cancellations
  • Let patients book appointments after hours

With CareCloud integration:

  • Real-time availability is known
  • Appointments made online are injected directly into CareCloud
Doctor Appointment Scheduling on mobile

For Walk-in Urgent Care

  • Patients claim a spot in line from home
  • Long waits are spent in their living room, not your waiting room
  • Their position is line is streamed to their smartphone
  • Patient information is injected directly into CareCloud
Doctor wait times
Urgent Care position in line
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"The last thing you want to do is feel crummy in a waiting room with other people. NextPatient allows you to feel crummy at home."
— Caesar Djavaherian, Direct Urgent Care

Appointment Reminders

  • Automated reminders are sent by text or email
  • When the patient confirms the visit, CareCloud is updated